Kreiere deinen eigenen Urban Jungle in deinen vier Wänden.

urban jungle

Do you live in the middle of the city and sometimes long for the incomparably fresh air in the country? Taking a deep breath in a green environment gives people peace and strength. But why isn't the air in a city just as pure and unadulterated? On the one hand due to the exhaust gases that cars, factories and people themselves (CO2) emit. On the other hand, there is a lack of air purifiers. This is done by the plants in the countryside, they clean the air and bind pollutants and CO2. But there is also an innovative and trendy solution for city dwellers: Transform your apartment into your own urban jungle!

With our innovative lighting systems, which are specially tailored to the needs of different indoor plants and for different seasons, you can cultivate almost any plant even in darker rooms. In addition to our versatile plant lamps, we offer in our Shop numerous other accessories for vital plant growth and the perfect start of your urban jungle.

>> Create your Urban Jungle!

Create a small green paradise in the middle of your apartment

When one thinks of life in the city, one usually associates it with an image of concrete and glass buildings, with a gray, black and white color scheme. Urban life casts a spell over many, including you. But in addition to numerous advantages, life in the city also has one or two disadvantages. Gardens are rare and not every apartment has a balcony. Despite this, many people long for a touch of green in their home. Plants not only look good, they also enhance the air in the room. We offer you the opportunity to create your own urban jungle. Cultivate plants in your home with our help, wherever you want. With this you give your apartment a green coat of paint, without painting any walls!

Behind Venso is a young company that wants to make the world - your world - a little greener. Are you also dreaming of your own personal urban jungle? We offer you the right solutions for plant cultivation! We think that indoor plants are given far too little importance, especially in city apartments. And yet they are such multi-talents: They look good, ensure good air quality and serve as a good listener for one or the other. Short: Plants liven up your living space! So we also offer them the space they deserve. Would you also like to green your apartment, but are still inexperienced in plant care? Then just start with a small plant and learn to appreciate and love it. We are sure that your plant family will soon grow and gradually your own urban jungle will emerge.

Urban Jungle – what is that actually?

Translated, Urban Jungle means “urban jungle”. It's not about a real jungle somewhere in the city, but about an interior design trend. Decorative items with exotic prints, pictures and posters with tropical birds and above all: lots of green. These features characterize the urban jungle trend. But for an authentic jungle feeling, real plants should not be missing. And many of them. Especially since these not only look good, but also improve the air climate. An urban jungle definitely enhances the ambience of the room. Do you also long for the pure natural idyll that lets you forget the hustle and bustle of everyday urban life as soon as you enter your home? Then you are exactly right with us. With us you will find the right accessories with which you too can easily take care of your indoor plants.

Your own jungle at home

In our Shop you will find everything your urban jungle needs to grow healthily and reliably into full bloom. In addition to lighting (spots, lamps, tripods) you can Greenhouses, grow kits, fans, fertilizer and more order.

Indoor plants

Among other things, we offer an extensive range Lighting methods for green and flowering plants on. Carefully tuned light wavelengths allow your indoor plants to grow and thrive. A real urban jungle can be created in a short time – even in windowless rooms or dark corners. Our modern plant lamps make it possible to cultivate plants in any room.


Fresh herbs, home-grown vegetables - in the city this is often an unfulfilled dream. We can fulfill it for you. In the product category cultivation and growth you will find lighting systems with special wavelength ranges that support the vital growth of kitchen plants and other flowering plants in particular.


Many plants that come from southern countries do not survive the German winter outside. Inside, on the other hand, there is often a lack of adequately lit space. You can buy modern LED technology from us, which will bring different Mediterranean plants (e.g. olive trees, oleanders) safely through the cold season.

Do you have any questions about our products or are you unsure how to realize your urban jungle? In our FAQ you will find the answers to frequently asked questions, but we are also happy to address your concerns individually. Just send us a message about that contact form .