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Are you in the mood for crunchy peppers and aromatic herbs from your own cultivation? Have you just started gardening or would you like to buy a practical set instead of individual components? You can start right away with the Romberg growing kits. They come to you with high-quality seeds, potting soil and pots, as well as instructions, so nothing can go wrong. The sets are easy to use and everything you need for growing is included.

With the Spicy Box "Paprika & Chili" you choose a delicious combination of spiciness and sweetness with two different types of paprika and chili seeds. The Fresh-Box "Herbs" makes the heart of every kitchen herb fan beat faster: With the seeds of basil, parsley, thyme, chives and oregano you have the perfect seasoning components for a wide variety of dishes. Salad, green sauce, pasta dishes, Italian cuisine - there are no limits to your culinary art and enjoyment.

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