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LED grow lights

Are you dreaming of a green oasis in the middle of your own four walls or would you like to decorate a certain corner with a plant, but the incidence of light is far too low? With a plant lamp you can not only create a pleasant living environment, but you also support your plants with exactly the right amount of light energy in the correct spectrum, so that they can grow and thrive all year round, even in dark living rooms. LED plant light is a wonderful opportunity for all plant lovers who have too little daylight in their rooms or hardly any possibilities on their windowsills and still don't want to do without beautiful flowers and plants.

Our LED grow lights stimulate the growth of potted plants, hydroponics and palm trees through innovative technologies, energy-saving and sustainable. We have developed a special light spectrum that is ideal for promoting growth and strengthening the plant.

LED plant light for optimal growth

In our shop you will find grow lights with LED plant lights for year-round use, and our range also includes special lights for overwintering and growing. With our LED plant lamps, cultivating plants in your home is child's play.

Venso & Parus

The Parus company has been developing professional LED plant lamps for assimilation lighting since 2003. Together with Parus we have developed the Home & Office series so that you can also use this professional technology at home, in the office or in your own greenhouse.

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