Mit Indoor Gardening baust du deine eigene kleine Kräuterfarm direkt in deinen vier Wänden.

indoor gardening

You have the desire to cultivate herbs and other plants in your apartment in order to refine home-cooked food or drinks with fresh ingredients, but your apartment has neither a balcony nor a garden and you have the feeling that plants on the windowsill will unfortunately also work only one? We change that! At Venso you will find a wide range of innovative indoor gardening systems: With our products, you don't need a garden or balcony to be able to fall back on specially planted herbs and vegetables at any time. Thanks to the ingenious system, plants thrive anywhere in the home, whether near the window or in a dark corner.

Many people regularly despair when trying to grow potted herbs, smaller tub plants or vegetables in their own home. No matter how green your thumb may be, under some conditions no seedling from the supermarket, hardware store or even the nursery can be kept alive in the long term. The decisive cause is usually not the care, but the location conditions in the apartment. The most important factors here are light and temperature. Venso's technologies for indoor gardening can help here. If you have little light in your home, you often put plants on the windowsill. Below this, however, there is a heater in many living rooms, which leads to unfavorable temperature conditions for the plant. Some plants also have to be watered with pinpoint accuracy and also require special climatic conditions. We at Venso have developed intelligent technologies precisely for these needs, which take over the indoor gardening almost automatically and allow plants of all kinds to sprout and thrive anywhere in the home.

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Smart indoor gardening: what is it?

We live in a society that is becoming increasingly smart: smartphones, smart homes, smart gardening. We think that plant breeding should also be smart. This is important if you want your own bed but don't have the right botanical "infrastructure". Because not everyone with a green thumb automatically has a balcony, garden or other adequate lighting conditions. So if you don't have a garden, you don't have a balcony and your apartment doesn't offer good conditions in general due to the lighting conditions for herbs, vegetables and other greenery to grow and thrive here, that doesn't mean for us that you don't need fresh herbs and other plants have to do without. At Venso, we make indoor gardening possible in your own four walls. In addition, we offer you smart lighting systems and advanced technologies with which indoor plants as well as vegetable plants, native as well as Mediterranean plants or exotic plants feel at home with you all year round. This is exactly what Smart Indoor Gardening is.

Fresh herbs and more

Green and flowering plants, herbs and vegetables, potted plants or all together - what is your interest in gardening? No matter what type of plant you are interested in as a hobby gardener, with our products you can easily grow and care for them in your home. Thanks to our modern light technology, our indoor gardening products can be precisely adjusted to the needs of different types of plants and emit light in exactly the right wavelength ranges. This means that successful plant breeding and indoor gardening are possible all year round - regardless of the lighting conditions outside or in the apartment. In our shop you will find products for Houseplants , for the breeding and cultivation of certain herbs, vegetables and flowering plants as well as for the wintering Mediterranean pot plants.

But ours Online shop also holds a lot, especially for herbalists and hobby cooks equipment ready, such as indoor greenhouses, growing sets for various herbs, fans, heating mats, fertilizer and more. Whatever you need for your plants, you will find the necessary products with us.

Venso is your guarantee of success for indoor gardening: with the latest technology, innovative ideas and a sustainable product concept.

The advantages of indoor gardening

Fresh mint in a cocktail, a pesto made from strong basil or a chilli with freshly harvested pods: it's worth having your own small garden for this alone. Although you can also buy herbs and vegetables fresh in the supermarket, pesticides are almost always used during cultivation here, and many products have traveled half the world behind them. Healthy and sustainable is different. Many people therefore want the opportunity to grow their own herbs and smaller plants. But how is a household without a garden or even a balcony supposed to build their own extension? After all, plants need air, light and a special climate in order to be able to grow properly and bear fruit. The solution is indoor gardening. With smart systems, specially tailored to the needs of different plants, you too can cultivate the plants you want in your home. When it comes to indoor gardening, our products ensure that the plants get exactly what they need. You benefit from the following advantages:

  • Almost guaranteed success
  • You have to invest little time and work.
  • Grow on your terms, without pesticides and pollutants
  • Much cheaper than the regular purchase of fresh herbs and Co.
  • Even when you're away, the smart system takes care of your plants.
  • You can enjoy herbs and plants culinary or just visually.

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